SPLIT is a community of physicians, surgeons, nurses and other allied health professionals whose mission is to improve the outcomes in children receiving liver transplantation through:


The research focus of SPLIT is to better understand predictors of pre-transplant risk and post-transplant complications which in turn will help us improve outcomes for children receiving liver transplants.

Improving Care

Our goal is to improve the quality of the care our centers provide by identifying and spreading best practices.

Training and Mentoring

We believe it is important to provide training and mentoring to all members caring for children who received a liver transplant. We promote effective research and facilitate the spread of best practices across transplant centers.

Supporting Children and Families

We help families with children who require a liver transplant get the information and support they need. We provide information about topics related to liver transplant, contact information for our transplant centers, and a forum to allow you to connect with other families.

SPLIT was established in 1995 and over time it has expanded to include over 250 members and over 35 transplant centers internationally. It has been supported by both Astellas Pharma, Inc. and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK, NIH). The knowledge gained through SPLIT to date has helped us understand predictors of pre-transplant risk and post-transplant complications, and has changed practice at hospitals. SPLIT has produced over 50 publications in the field of pediatric liver transplantation.